Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Boudoir Photography}

These prices are only from now until the end of February.
I will offer Boudoir all year round but not for this cheap so take advantage!

Boudoir sessions can be as sexy or as conservative as you'd like. Wear as much or as little clothes etc. And i wont post images unless you tell me otherwise. So no need to worry about your "image". These are for YOU and/or your loved one :) I will post a few examples later on. If you're worried about a problem area i can assist with that in photoshop ;). These sessions are more for yourself to feel pretty and/or for your loved one as a valentines sexy present. Some people make calendars for their significant other using the pics, a blanket maybe if they are away a lot. Anything your creative little heart desires :) CONTACT ME!

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