Tuesday, January 17, 2017

{Utah Boudoir} Stretch Mark Love!

Stretch marks are beautiful!
i love to see others embracing them!
HOWEVER, they are an easy fix if you'd rather not have them in your pics.

girls... you MADE a person.
like you literally grew, and MADE a life inside you.
That is amazing!
You lost that weight, you got the scar from that slider into first base...
however you got your scars and marks... its YOUR story.
and its beautiful.
Every "bulge", "roll", cellulite, freckle, scar, curve, booty, height, skin color... they all make you, YOU.
You're unique, and beautiful.
You're a warrior!
a women of strength. sacrifice. getting through!
Embrace your body!
I promote health. So work for that healthy fit lifestyle... but love your body along to way too.
Change what you can.. embrace what you can't 

{{Pics taken by my husband... but positioned, directed, and edited by me :) }}
oh and ps... this is me, thats why my hubby took them [lol]

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