Thursday, January 31, 2013

{Utah Boudoir} Miss Alaynie!

I did this session back in December (i know, im so behind on blogging my sessions lol)
Laynie is one of my awesome friends who lets my display her boudoir pics! As we know, boudoir is more "personal" type photos that are on more of an intimate level. For loved ones. Not intended to be wronchy. (although i know thats not always the case when the world looks at these). But when its your loved one, its special, intimate, all that stuff needed in a relationship. Even if a boudoir session is for yourself. Its for your own confidence, to feel beautiful, for fun!

Anyway. In order to get work, people need to see my work!
Would you ever go to a photographer blindly, not seeing their work before hand?

So PLEASE. Dont take these images in a negative or wronchy way. Be respectful. And have some class :)

This girl is a ROCK STAR!! Anyone who can bare to do pics out in the snow is a rock star.. but limited clothing in the snow?! ROCK STAR of all the rock stars! :)
In my defense, this was HER idea! 
And on top of that, she only complained ONCE, when i had her sitting in the snow and didnt realize her bum was in the snow haha! Thank you Laynie for helping me out and being such a beautiful person!

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