About the Photographer


My name is Christa. Im 23, Married, have a 3 year old baby girl, and a new baby boy, born September 23rd 2012.

Photograghy is something i truely love and always have loved! Its my passion and i really enjoy every part of it!
I've been doing photography professionally for 2 years now and work very hard to stay up to date and educate myself.

My pictures are very crisp and clean! Im not an "Instagram photographer" (a photographer that just throws a filter on an image and calls it good). I work hard on each individual picture putting my time and talent into editing each photo to give you high quality "genuine" photos!
My style is very modern and every day life. i love the "non posey" shots but i also do some of those too. I like "fun" shots. You will always be satisfied with my work :)

I am a professional but i consider myself a more "laid back" professional :) My sessions are always easy going and comfortable.
I mostly work with natural light. Im available to shoot afternoon/evenings during the week, and anytime on the weekends.

i shoot with a Nikon D90 :)

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